The Checklist to Improve Your Corporate Travel Management

The Checklist to Improve Your Corporate Travel Management

Corporate travel is inescapable in today’s competitive business world. It strengthens your company’s business relationships and boosts employees’ careers. According to statistics, more than $1 trillion is spent every year on business travel. However, corporate travel management is necessary to maintain productivity and control expenditures.

But is your corporate travel management strategy efficient and cost-effective? Companies often find it challenging to organize their travel processes and prepare itineraries, leading to needless expenses, lost time, and unsatisfied employees.

Many organizations also hire a reputed corporate travel agency that will take care of every step of their business trips. These companies are efficient, equipped with resources and have plenty of experience in managing oodles of corporate trips.

This blog also provides an inclusive checklist to improve corporate travel management, ensuring hassle-free journeys, happier travellers, and a healthier bottom line.

1. Establish a clear travel policy                                                    

A well-defined travel policy is the cornerstone of effective and smooth corporate travel management. This policy clearly outlines the guidelines for employees, ensuring uniformity and compliance with the company’s corporate travel budget. But according to statistics, 40% of companies don’t have a clear business travel policy. It’s time to build a clear and well-defined travel policy for all.

  • Clarity and accessibility: When designing travel policies, use simple and easy-to-understand words. This will help every employee read the policy thoroughly. Remember to include the key points succinctly.
  • Approval processes: Clearly mention the approval time for various types of trips. Also, include what types of documentation employees must submit and to whom.
  • Expense guidelines: Mention all acceptable expenditures, including hotels, meals, transportation, and entertainment. Set spending limits for every category of traveller and include preferred vendors to check the costs.
  • Safety and security: Safety is an imperative concern in any corporate travel. Your corporate travel policy should comprise detailed travel safety and security guidelines. Mention the name and details of the concerned person with whom the employees will contact in case of emergencies.

2. Leverage technology for booking and management

Always utilize the unmatched power of technology to organize the booking processes, improve compliance, and provide important data insights.

  • Travel management software: These days, the markets are jam-packed with many reliable travel management software systems. Try to invest in a good quality travel management system (TMS) that efficiently integrates with your existing systems. This software will automate bookings, approvals, and expense reporting.
  • Mobile accessibility: Check whether your TMS is mobile-friendly. With this feature, your employees can manage their travel plans and other details from their smartphones. 
  • Data analytics: Data analytics plays a crucial role in travel management. It allows companies to manage travel expenses, identify the latest trends, and negotiate better rates with vendors. Moreover, by reviewing data analytics on an interval basis, they can identify new opportunities to save costs and improve efficiency.

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3. Optimize vendor relationships

Maintain a healthy relationship with your travel partners and get better service and cost savings.

  • Preferred suppliers: build relationships with favored suppliers, including airlines, hotels, and car rental companies. Get the best corporate rates from these vendors and offer additional benefits to your travellers.
  • Regular Reviews: Review with your vendors regularly, ensuring getting the optimum value. If you are unsatisfied with your vendor, switch to another one or look for better options.

4. Implement a robust expense management system

To control your corporate travel expenses, you need to focus on effective expense management.

  • Automated expense reporting: Use an automated expense reporting system to simplify the process for employees and finance teams. This can lessen errors and accelerate reimbursements.
  • Policy enforcement: Use a tech-driven travel technology management system that will automatically discard non-compliant expenses. In this way, you can track down and control unauthorized spending.

5. Focus on traveller satisfaction

Keep your travellers happy and content. Happy travellers are not only more productive but also face fewer travel-related issues.

  • Comfort and convenience: Empower your travellers with flexible travel choices while planning their trips. Let them choose their preferred airlines or hotels within the stipulated budget.
  • Support and assistance: Provide 24/7 support for travellers in case of emergencies or plan changes. Employ a dedicated travel agency that will monitor every travel detail, strikingly reducing travel stress.

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  • Feedback: adopt a travel management system that collects feedback from individual travellers. Use this feedback to improve your travel program and address your employees’ pain points.

6. Enhance safety and risk management

You have to employ stringent safety measures for your employees on their business trips.

  • Risk assessment: Evaluate all risk assessments for travel destinations before sending your employees there. Keep them updated with the latest information, potential risks, and necessary precautions.
  • Emergency protocols: Provide your employees with detailed protocols regarding how to handle emergencies. Ensure every traveller reaches the designated person in case of health issues, accidents, or other emergencies.
  • Insurance coverage:  Give travel insurance coverage to all business travellers.

7. Foster a culture of cost-consciousness

Implementing a culture of cost-consciousness will not only educate your employees about the potential of business travel but also save a lot of money for companies.

  • Education and training: Train your employees about cost-effective travel and provide required training on how to make a business travel plan within the company’s policy guidelines.
  • Incentive programs: Encourage and incentivize your employees who book efficiently and within budget. This will inspire them to plan future travel plans also within the budget.

8. Monitor and adapt to changes

The corporate travel landscape is thriving hurriedly over the past few years. Staying adaptable is essential in maintaining an efficacious and hassle-free travel management program.

  • Stay informed: Stay aligned with ongoing trends, technological improvements, and regulatory changes that may influence your travel management program.
  • Regular policy reviews: Don’t stick with the same travel policies year after year. Review and update your travel policy according to the market and keep your travellers contented.


You can’t improve your corporate travel management in one single day. It’s an ongoing process that demands cautious planning, nonstop monitoring, and flexibility.

By curating a robust travel policy, harnessing the power technology, optimizing vendor relationships, and concentrating more on traveller satisfaction, you can create an all-inclusive travel program that is efficient, affordable, and beneficial for your employees.

If you follow the above-mentioned checklists, your organization will certainly improve its corporate travel management, leading to hassle-free operations, satisfied employees, and a healthier bottom line. So, take the first step today and refurbish your travel management practices for a more fruitful tomorrow.

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How can I ensure compliance with the travel policy?

Ensure compliance by clearly conveying your organization’s travel policy to all staff members, providing training on policy details, monitoring travel bookings and expenditures, and imposing consequences for non-compliance.

How can technology aid in corporate travel management?

Technology makes corporate travel more organized, productive, and stress-free. You can use technological resources like online booking platforms, expense management software, itinerary management apps, and real-time update tools.