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As a leading travel technology company in Canada, we offer the best tech-related travel solutions for your business travel



Pre-authorizing payment for hotel rooms and other expenses is the most challenging task for business travellers. Our tech solution has eliminated and managed this problem globally. Our single-generated transaction numbers minimize fraud concerns and reduce the misuse of credit cards. It is the perfect solution for both seasoned and novice travellers. Now, travellers neither need to stand in a long queue in front of the desk nor need to be annoyed by the reply of the staff, “No payment was made”. They have electronic proof of all payments and reservations.

CONCUR Online Booking Tool (self booking technology for large corporations)

It is the best online booking tool for corporate travellers. Using this tool, the business traveller can search for all airline inventories globally at their fingertips. The platform even holds your space when you are searching. It gives you the opportunity to take a break from your search and return to the booking process. This booking platform manages travel according to each company’s travel policies. Now, you can integrate your car and hotel options into a single platform. The platform manages reporting and vendor negotiation tasks.

SAFE TO GO – Duty of Care

During any international crisis or your company’s emergency, you need to find and contact all the travellers as soon as possible.

Safe To Go offers real-time access so that you can instantly find every traveller hassle-free. This platform gives information about which flight they are on or which hotel they are staying in. It is the responsibility of every company to take care of their employees even when they are travelling or flying. Staying in touch with them constantly through text SMS gives everyone peace of mind.



As a well-organized travel technology company, we pay attention to every minute detail of corporate travellers. This web-based tool automates the corporate travel reporting and delivery process for our esteemed corporate customers. Grasp Data embraces them with a library of more than 500 real-time reports. If travel managers need on-demand reporting, they can easily adjust or respond to changing conditions. Just need to set Grasp Data with a sign in for travel managers. Now, they can conveniently access their top 12 reports.

TRIP CASE – itinerary delivery App

Travel itinerary plays an essential role in any business travel. TripCase is the first travel itinerary app that allows travel arrangers to access anywhere in the world. By using the app, travel arrangers can get the trip details of their travellers and the latest itinerary updates. We have included an additional feature like the ability to automatically import itineraries of trips into a TripCase account during the time of booking. Travellers can use and operate this app for free. In case of any changes (departure gate, flight schedule or other important information), you will get real-time notification on your phone.

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