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Step into the world of YYZ Travel, where innovation meets experience to craft an unbeatable travel package. We are distinguished corporate travel agency Toronto with our more than 37 years of industry insights, exceptional tech knowledge and exclusive access to corporate management resources. Always active, unparalleled services, and proudly Canadian.

We are one of the largest independent travel agencies in Canada with over 100 K Global partnerships in Air and hotel which gives YYZ Travel a Global presence. We are connected to more than 2,200 of the world’s best industry partnerships in hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and more. Our advisors use their personal connections and firsthand expertise to craft custom-made trips for clients, including unique experiences, special values, complimentary perks, VIP treatment and rare access.

Driven by knowledgeable advisors, global affiliations, and innovative technology, we deliver end-to-end solutions. Our dedication to traveler safety, cost optimization, and premium service, coupled with round-the-clock assistance.

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As a reputed travel company Toronto , our core objective is to offer a hassle-free travel service with our top-notch solutions.

Travel Solutions


Not everything is suitable for everyone, especially travel. We at YYZ Travel understand this and appreciate it. Our experts (TICO certified) will design a customized corporate travel management program that is aligned with your specific needs and budget. Now, you can solely focus on your business objectives while we manage your travel plans.

Travel Technology

Travel Technology

The travel industry is highly driven by technology. There is an app or website for every field of travel (from hotel booking to search). It could be tedious for a corporate traveller to manage everything. Using the latest travel technology solutions, we bring everything under one roof (from hotel booking to flights, itinerary plans, and cancellations).

Meetings & Group Travel

Meetings & Group Travel

Are you planning product launches or other business events to enhance visibility and brand awareness? We are the one of best travel agencies Toronto in Canada for all your travel needs, including group travel or business/corporate events or meetings. From planning to coordination and execution, we have the right expertise in the field. Our proficiency makes group travel easier.

How do we assist our clients?

We are ready to help you at every step. As a prominent business travel agency Toronto, we are equipped with the right resources and tools to make your travel enjoyable and hassle-free.

Cost Savings

Our corporate travel solutions are budget-friendly, hassle-free and cater to the interest of anyone, irrespective of their travel budget. YYZcorporatetravel, recognised as an affordable travel agency in Toronto, will help you save hefty amounts on your next business or group travel trips.

Global Travel Program

We offer a comprehensive global travel program tailored to meet diverse travel needs. Our program ensures seamless travel experiences, from booking to boarding and beyond. With a wide network of partners worldwide, we provide exclusive deals.

Managing Risk

Every corporate traveler wants the utmost peace while planning a trip. Our 24/7 travel assistance and state-of-the-art technology not only minimize travel risks but also give travelers peace of mind. Customized reporting is also available.

Tech-travel solutions

As  one of the best travel agencies Toronto, we infuse technology with travel solutions. Our tech-driven travel solutions seamlessly help you to track and mange un-used tickets, view and effortlessly generate corporate management reports, risk management, etc.


If you’re traveling, be sure you know the restrictions on your destination country before you travel.

Up-to-date travel restrictions around the world

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Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate travel allows face-to-face interactions and strengthens relationships between the companies and their partners. By attending important business events and conferences, companies can explore new markets and fortify their brand presence. Corporate travel is also an integral part of closing deals, negotiating contracts, and building strategic partnerships.
Bleisure travel (business travel with leisure activities) is the buzzing word in the field of corporate travel. Companies are also focusing more on sustainable and eco-friendly travel approaches, preferring virtual meetings and are using the latest travel technology methods like AI-driven personalization and contactless services.
Companies are using various tools to streamline their corporate travel processes. These tools could be the booking platforms, expense management software, travel risk management systems, mobile apps for itinerary management, and virtual meeting platforms.
Prominent challenges in the field of corporate travel could be the surging travel costs, compliance with travel policies, ensuring employee safety and well-being, managing travel disturbances (e.g., flight delays, cancellations) and balancing work-life responsibilities for frequent travelers.
You can make your corporate travel efficient in the following ways.
  • Choose a tech-savvy travel booking option
  • Travel with those that offer 24/7 support services
  • Create travel-friendly policies
  • Wisely utilize travel spend data
  • Make a good collaboration between finance and admin departments
  • Minimize your company’s carbon footprint
While planning for an international business trip, every traveller should do adequate research on visa and entry requirements. They should take necessary vaccines or get medical clearances, familiarize themselves with local rituals, and ensure that their travel documents are up-to-date and valid for the duration of their trip.
Every company should educate its employees about travel policies. They must employ an automated booking system that offers clear guidelines for expense reimbursement, conduct regular audits, and offer incentives for compliance.
Corporate travel management implies the process of handling travel planning, booking, and overseeing the entire arrangements for employees of a company. Corporate travel management experts need to arrange c flights, accommodations, transportation, and other travel-related services to ensure efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and adherence to company policies and budgets.


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