Montreal International Jazz

Jazzing Up Your Montreal Adventure in 2024: A Detailed Guide

Jazzing Up Your Montreal Adventure in 2024: A Detailed Guide

Are you a jazz aficionado, feeling the tempo gushing through your veins and the melodies murmuring in your soul? Well, get ready to buckle up those shoes and tune into the heartbeat of Montreal because the biggest jazz festival, Montreal International Jazz, is just around the corner!

As the city adorns its grandest music festival, expectation fills the air, promising a cherished experience for music enthusiasts from near and far. So, whether you are a permanent jazz devotee or someone who plans to just step into the magic of this genre, it’s the time to embrace the rhythm and join the ecstatic revelries awaiting you in Montreal.

The History of Jazz Festival

For more than four decades, this elated jazz festival has portrayed the evolution of jazz while offering respect to its timeless traditions. Started with a humble gathering in 1980, the festival has blossomed into the largest jazz festival in the world.

Every year, millions of jazz fans and top-tier artists flock to Montreal to attend this festival. Rooted in the spirit of ingenuity and modernism, this festival is now synonymous with musical brilliance, inscribing its place as a keystone of Montreal’s cultural identity.

·        This music festival was originally founded by Alain Simard, André Ménard, and Denyse McCann in 1980.

·        The festival happens in late June or at the beginning of July every year.

·        The festival takes place at several venues across downtown Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles.

·        The festival observes 2 million visitors every year, and more than 35,000 artists perform during the days.

·        The festival holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest jazz festival since 2004.

·        The festival is divided into two parts: ticketed indoor shows and free outdoor performances.

·        The Montreal International Jazz Festival typically has a 10-day timeline.

·        You can expect programs including jazz, blues, world music, pop, rock, indie, hip hop, EDM, etc.

Montreal Jazz Festival in 2024

This year, the euphoric music festival will take place from June 27 to July 6 at various locations around downtown Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles.

·        June 27: The festival will open with energy, joy, passion, and fervor. Fans will go to different venues around downtown.

·        June 28 to July 5: These eight days will be jam-packed with numerous indoor and free outdoor concerts. The artists will perform and play non-stop music from the afternoon through at different stages and venues.

·        July 6: The closing day comes up with collaborative sets and an intense finale performance.

Venues & locations

TD Stage, the prime stage of the festival offers non-stop performances with zeal and passion. Other venues provide a spectrum of stages, each finely tuned to cater to the distinct tastes of jazz admirers, electronic music buffs, and a diverse audience.

Apart from designated shows, the music festival also embraces visitors with numerous other performances. Pop-up performances generally happen on various streets and alleys. The festival atmosphere is alive with impromptu performances from wandering jazz bands and skillful local musicians. It’s time to start your journey through Montreal’s summer streets and let the music lead you to beautiful surprises.

Artists & performers for 2024

The Festival de Jazz de Montréa always delivers mirthful performances to entertain the visitors. There is no exception for this year, either. The jazz festival in 2024 will offer a remarkable musical experience featuring a mixture of fabled jazz artists and budding stars.

Headliners in 2024

Norah Jones: This Grammy-winning singer-songwriter will certainly entice audiences with her touching voice and poignant lyrics. Popularly known for her eclectic blend of jazz, blues, and folk, Jones has captivated music lovers worldwide since her debut entrant, “Come Away with Me.” She will mesmerize everyone at the jazz festival this year with her speechless performances.

Andre 3000: Andre 3000, the quixotic rapper and half of the dynamic duo OutKast, reshaped hip-hop with his ingenious style and lyrical competence. He will grace the jazz festival stage with intrepid experimentation and unparalleled talent.

Laufey: Blending her Icelandic-Chinese origins with a fascinating blend of jazz, pop, and singer-songwriter vibes, Laufey has emerged as a budding talent in the music industry. Her charming voice and innovative melodies have gained a huge appreciation, especially with her debut music, “Street By Street,” in 2020.

Pink Martini: This year, Pink Martini will take the music to a new height with their cosmopolitan sound. Led by pianist Thomas Lauderdale and vocalist China Forbes, the ensemble band’s infectious energy and genre-defying style made them a popular global choice. From sultry jazz to lively Latin rhythms, Pink Martini’s eclectic blend of genres hypnotizes audiences of all backgrounds.

Alfa Mist:  Renowned for his innovative fusion of jazz, hip-hop, and soul, UK-based Alfa Mist shines as a rising star in the music scene. Originating as a grime and hip-hop producer, his boundary-pushing approach has garnered international recognition.

Other Artists

Montreal International Jazz Music Festival in 2024 will be graced by other renowned artists like,

·        Killer Mike

·        Future Islands

·        Cory Wong

·        The Sacred Souls

·        Orville Peck

·        Geoffroy

·        Ana Moura

Tickets for Montreal Jazz Festival 2024

You can purchase tickets either online or at the venue (based on availability). Due to the festival’s unmatched popularity, it is recommended that you purchase the tickets in advance. The starting price of a ticket could be around $50 (GA tickets for a particular concert or performance). On the other hand, premium tickets (VIP passes) could be around $150.

GA tickets give free access to all outdoor performances and only specified indoor events.

VIP passes are the best way to enjoy the festival fully. These passes give you access to all VIP areas, including a one-on-one opportunity to meet the artists.

For booking details, visit the website:

Beyond the music

Though music is the soul of the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the city experiences many more things beyond music. There are oodles of events and outdoor performances that portray Montreal’s vibrant culture and heritage.

You can experience more than 100 open-air shows across various streets of downtown.

·        The TD Main Stage at Place des Arts: It is the place for the main artists and headliners of the jazz festival.

·        Scene TD at Place du Canada: It is an ideal place to discover the budding talents of Montreal.

·        Rio Tinto Stage: You can encounter many international artists here.

·        SiriusXM Stage: This place offers live performances.

Outdoor performances don’t need any tickets. You can stand up in the jam-packed audience and enjoy the vibes.

The festival also offers jam sessions after every scheduled event in the Quartier’s clubs and bars, mainly in the morning. Musicians and artists from different bands come together for impromptu jams fueled by ingenious creativity and energy.

Dos and don’ts for Jazz Music Festival 2024


·        Advance ticket booking is always recommended.

·        Visit the official website of Montreal de Jazz for updates regarding the lineups, performances, tickets, etc.

·        Plan your accommodation early to get the best travel deals near the prime venues.

·        Download the festival app for real-time updates, maps, etc.

·        Check Montreal’s weather during the festival time and plan accordingly.

·        Explore both indoor and outdoor festivities.


·        Don’t forget to explore nearby areas of Montreal.

·        Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, an umbrella, sunglasses or a raincoat, according to the weather updates.

·        Don’t be afraid to go beyond traditional jazz.

·        Avoid the rush by arriving early for particular shows or events.


As the sun sets on another remarkable edition of the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the echoes of laughter, praise, and melodies linger in the air.

The jazz festival infuses hope and harmony in a world often fraught with partition and discord, reminding us that music has no boundary. As we bid farewell to another treasured chapter in the festival’s history, we eagerly await the next crescendo, knowing that the jazz magic will continue to enthral and encourage for generations.

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How far are Toronto and Montreal?

The distance between Toronto and Montreal is 542 km, and it will take nearly 6 hours to reach the destination.

Is the Jazz festival free?

All outdoor concerts (150+) at six stages are absolutely free. Tickets are required for indoor events.

What are the nearby attractions in Montreal?

Popular attractions nearby Montreal include Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal, Montreal Botanical Park, Mount Royal Park, The Museum of Fine Arts, Old Montreal, and Casino de Montreal.