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Everything You Need to Know about Corporate Business Travel

Everything You Need to Know about Corporate Business Travel


Corporate travel is the cornerstone of running a successful business. It not only helps you to enhance your profit and expand the reach but also strengthens the relationship between a company and its employees. According to the ACCOR Business of Travel Report, businesses expect 25% more revenue from corporate travel for face-to-face interactions over virtual meetings.

However, managing business travel can be a daunting and time-consuming endeavor. You need to tackle everything, from flight bookings to accommodation arrangements and expense management, without compromising the convenience and comfort of your employees.

By prudently choosing the right corporate business travel agency, you will ensure that every facet of your business travel is well-managed and stress-free.

This blog also highlights an all-inclusive guide to understanding the ins and outs of corporate business travel, emphasizing its significance, challenges, and best approaches.

Why is corporate travel a necessity?

In today’s business landscape, corporate travel is simply undeniable for several reasons. It encourages face-to-face conversation, crucial for strengthening relationships with clients or vendors, negotiating deals, and gaining trust.

Moreover, corporate travel unlocks plenty of opportunities for employees, including exploring new markets, participating in industry events, and engaging in productive conversations with potential customers. It also boosts employees’ growth and careers, offering new opportunities for networking, skill-building, and exposure to cross-cultural practices.

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Key components of corporate business travel

Travel policies:

Every business needs a cohesive and straightforward travel policy to manage corporate travel effectively. Unfortunately, 40% of companies don’t have travel policies. These policies include everything from booking guidelines to selecting hotels to expense reporting and travel reimbursement processes.

Policies should balance cost-efficiency with employee comfort and safety, ensuring that business travelers are equipped with the right resources.

Travel booking:

While planning a business trip, you must take care of many things. You need to pay for everything from selecting flights and hotels to arranging transportation options.

Many businesses often hire the best travel management companies (TMCs) or professional business travel companies to organize and streamline this process. Technology plays a noteworthy role here, with many proficient organizations using travel management software to simplify booking and track expenses.

Expense management

Managing travel expenses is another challenge that you can’t ignore on a business trip. Implementing efficient expense reporting and reimbursement processes is crucial for tracking expenditures and ensuring travel policy compliance.

Many expense management tools in the market will automate the process, making it more straightforward for employees to submit expenses. These tools are also advantageous for finance teams to verify and process reimbursements quickly.

Risk management:

Ensuring the safety and comfort of business travellers is a top priority in a corporate trip. Risk management does the same by evaluating potential threats, embracing travellers with vital information and support, and having emergency plans.

Every company should be aware of global events, health advisories, and security alerts to safeguard their employees during business trips.

Traveller support:

Business travellers remain productive and happy when they get constant support before, during, and after their trips. This includes assistance regarding booking changes, travel updates, and 24/7 support for emergencies.

Challenges in corporate business travel

Cost control:

Though business travel offers oodles of experience and opportunities to travellers, they often find difficulties in balancing travel expenses. Companies must negotiate with their partners and suppliers and strengthen travel policies. With the help of data analytics, they can even identify cost-saving opportunities for future trips.

Compliance and policy adherence:

Ensuring compliance with travel policies can be overwhelming, especially for conglomerates. Organizations should train their employees and convey the right communication to inform about the travel policies.


These days, every business has implemented eco-friendly approaches to exhibit its commitment to society. In this context, companies are incorporating sustainability into corporate travel programs to enhance their importance. This involves choosing eco-friendly travel options, minimizing carbon footprints, and cheering responsible travel behavior. According to statistics, 80% of Canadian business travellers prefer to work in an organization that offers sustainable travel approaches.

Technology integration:

Nowadays, technology is everywhere, and the same goes for corporate travel. The latest technology trends and advancements have penetrated every sphere of business travel.

However, integrating these technologies into travel programs can be challenging. Companies need to invest in the right tools and platforms to address this issue and improve the travel experience and efficiency of business travellers.

Best Practices for Corporate Business Travel

Develop a comprehensive travel policy:

A well-organized and clear travel policy will make your corporate travel program effective. It should cover all aspects of travel, including booking procedures, expense reporting, safety guidelines, and sustainability practices.

Leverage technology:

Every company should utilize the unending power of technology to manage their business travel. By integrating travel management software solutions, expense management tools, and mobile apps, they can make their corporate travel seamless and hassle-free, improving the traveller experience.

Partner with a reputed corporate travel agency

Instead of managing every aspect of business travel from your end, why don’t you tie up with a professional corporate travel agency? These agencies offer the required expertise, resources, and technology to make your corporate travel well-managed and stress-free. They can even offer lucrative deals as they are partnered with reputed airlines, hotels, and car rentals. Their negotiated rates and constant travel support with data analytics optimize your travel programs.

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Focus on traveller well-being

To manage their corporate travel efficiently, every company should prioritize the health and well-being of business travellers. This includes providing access to health resources, offering travel insurance, and promoting work-life balance during business trips.

Implement a feedback loop:

Collect feedback from your employees to identify challenges and the future scope of improvements. This may help you tweak your travel policies and processes to improve the overall travel experience.

Future trends in corporate business travel

Sustainable travel:

Sustainability is the new trend in the field of corporate travel. Companies are enthusiastically adopting eco-friendly travel practices, such as choosing green accommodations, promoting public transportation, and minimizing carbon emissions.


The corporate travel segment has flourished a lot over the past few years due to technological advancements. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, companies offer customized travel experiences that improve the overall travel experience and make your employees content.

Travel management tools offer customized itineraries, personalized recommendations, and tailored support based on traveller preferences and behaviors.

AI and automation:

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation play a significant role in business travel. AI can organize booking processes, provide real-time travel updates, and improve expense management through automated reporting and analysis. According to the data from American Express, 70% of companies are using AI and other technology to manage certain parts of their business travel.

Health and safety:

The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified awareness of health and safety in business travel. Companies prioritize the health conditions of their employees, implement stringent safety protocols, and offer resources for health management during trips.


Corporate business travel is a diverse and multifaceted aspect of modern business operations.

Understanding and following the above tips allows a company to manage its travel programs more effectively. Whether you are a seasoned traveller or a novice in corporate travel management, this travel-friendly guide provides the knowledge and insights needed to navigate the intricacies of corporate business travel.

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What does corporate travel include?

Corporate travel is business trips employees undertake for work purposes (meeting with clients or vendors, attending conferences or training sessions). It includes flights, accommodation, ground transportation, and meals. A professional corporate travel agency supports all aspects, from travel arrangements to expense management. Organizations hire these dedicated agencies to streamline booking processes, ensure policy compliance, and improve overall travel efficiency.

What are the requirements of a business traveller?

A corporate traveller needs reliable transportation services, comfortable hotels, and hassle-free itinerary management. Sometimes, they may require assistance with visa and travel insurance and up-to-date travel guidelines. For a productive business trip, they should be aware of company travel policies, expense reporting procedures, reimbursement processes, and local customs.