Airport Tips For The Business Traveler

  1. Time Is Of the Essence

Stick to carry-on luggage. Sign up for TSA Pre-Check. Check in online rather than at the airport. And, if you don’t have TSA Pre-Check, know which security lines tend to be the longest, especially in airports where you can walk between terminals once cleared. 

  1. Count Your Steps

Staying active in the airport is relatively easy for any traveler: choose the stairs over the escalator; skip all moving walkways; if time permits, walk the length of the terminal or explore other areas of the airport.

  1. Whet Your Appetite

If time constraints limit your ability to explore a city’s food and drink scene, don’t worry. More and more airports are bringing local favorites—chains and dives alike—to their terminals, allowing travelers to get their fill on the go. 

  1. Flag Down That Taxi

While Uber and Lyft offer business plans, they aren’t always the most reliable transportation options to save on time. From airports, taxis are often the most efficient in this regard.